Child Protective Services Corrupt History


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  1. Victor froberg Says:

    I need help fighting cps they took my kids after almost two years of fight and jumping threw their hopps. When I did get them back it was one of the happiest days of my life. We were doing great happy and adjusting very well. Then I was wrongfully accused of things that didn’t happen and with out any investigation they were removed from me causing more harm then good for my kids. Cps has lied on the stand and in documents. I fell like there is nothing I csn do as I am a single father trying to make it. Please some one help me. My email is

  2. Not. Above. The. Law/ abuse of power. Says:

    I have fallen victim to children services. They say that i left my children locked in a hotel room with no supervision which isn’t true.they said they made “reasonable efforts” not to remove them but that is a blatant lie. My case isn’t even the worst. I’ve heard of them taking children from someone who was ONCE a drug addict that had not used in years due to trouble with law and being on probation, and she still hasn’t been able to have any kind of visits and it has been months. We are from newark ohio and would like something to be done. They are not above the law and need tonbe prosecuted asap so no one else has to go through this. Thank you for listening.

  3. Tami lopez Says:

    Child services took my kids gave me a work plan I completed everything they asked for and they never gave me my kids back state of Oregon is solo corrupted tannie flowers of Jackson county dhs promised a couple adoption of my daughter to a foster mom I my daughter’s father and I did all that was asked and end the end are parental rights where taken this is a fact no Lie’s its all true!

  4. comitecedif Says:

    Those terrible crimes are also commited by the french local CPS, we need mutual actions to fight them back :

  5. Jenette Fairchild Says:

    Warsaw Indiana cps is a joke. I filed 2 tort claims against 2 corrupt police officers had charges trumped up on me.

    My house was searched by 12 county officers looking for business records that they were told our attorney had, after searching 2 hours and completly ransacked our house they left laughing. They didn’t even have a warrent. When my husband got home he was ticked. Called the police wanting a copy of the warrent they didn’t have it.

    Two days later they got a judge to sign one. It was dated 2 days late? Cps has illegally entered my house and taken all my grandchildren. One granddaughter who was molested by her other grandmother or her dog molesting son were not sure which was found abandoned in a NYC crack house. Warsaw cps said this is fine. WHAT?

    Kosciusko county has a vandata against me and my grandchildren are the ones paying for the retaliation. Cps has only lied and made up things and continue to purge themselves in court. Elise mandaville has told 3 lies to judge huffer and my daughters court appointed attorney seems to be working for these crooks.

    My grandchildren were in a very stable and safe enviroment until cps fraudulantly removed them and placed them in danger. Our concerns go unchecked no follow up only cover up. My other daughter and her husband left Indiana when cps started harassing them only to have Warsaw contact Michigan cps and they harassed them one time and found nothing. In Warsaw I’m sure there would have been trumped up malicious false aqusations to continue to harass my family

  6. Justin Ross Feierabend vs swedish of seattle Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    please call (252)292-2086 ASAP. Thanks

  8. Jen Says:

    El Dorado County has kidnapped my niece and won’t give her back to my sister. They took her away iniatially because my sisters boyfriend hit my sister(my niece was not there) for the first time-my sister was planning to leave him anyways. They came in the school took her away did not notify my sister, my sister had no idea where she was they took her away from her even though my sister did everything they said. She went to a disposition hearing threw some legal paperwork at her told her to sign under diress then said she still could not have her back even though she complied with everything they wanted, doesn’t have a record and is an amazing mom and said the caseworker forgot to give them paperwork saying they tried to notify the father (who by the way disappeared a long time ago never paying child support) The last time my sister say my niece she was in clothes to big on her, her teeth was not brushed, or her hair combed..The took her Feb 17 and the next hearing is not until April 4 !!!!I am in Denver and feel powerless..they have kidnapped my niece and keep avoiding me and my parent to get custody…I will fight them with everything I media here I come….

  9. Tornsoul Says:

    I agree that CPS is utterly wrong and corrupt. My wife and I are fighting CPS and their inability to understand a medical diagnosis, or that ER doctors make mistakes. Here is our blog to share with you,

    We also were in a short news segment on our local news channel.

  10. Says:

    Are in Alberta and are interested in forming a group that will lobby the govenment fo changes in Child Protective sevices laws and Family Court Law? The way we would lobby is mass letter writing, meeting and protests.
    We are looking for people to form a board. You can be from anywhere in alberta and have concerns about the system.
    We are not advocating the termination of CPS. There are children that need their help. We are advocating a fair and just system where families are not destroyed by False Alligations, and children are not abused and murdered in their care.

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