CPS’S Over Due Walking Papers



Incompetence; Malfeasance;

 Intimidation; Coercion; Making

 Threats; Mendacious Lying;

Malicious FRAUD; Knowingly


 Providing PERJUROUS Statements


 COURT; Kidnapping our children


 Character Assassination,

 Destroying Marriages, Destroying


 from their Loving, SAFE HOMES to



 Abuse of Authority under the


the Constitution Of The United


Pick up your Title 42 USC Section

1983 pink slip on your way out.

7 thoughts on “CPS’S Over Due Walking Papers

  1. This is so true. My daughter is dealing with this same issue right now……they took my grandbabies out if a good home where they were very much loved and taken care to be seperated and put in foster…my daughter cant get in touch with her lawyer he wont call back and cps has failed to return any phone calls we have made to them …..dont know where to turn for help. DENTON CPS IS SO CORRUPT…THEY ARE PURPOSELY KEEPING OUR BABIES FROM US….NOT EVEN TRYING TO HELP!! WHAT DO.WE DO?

  2. People listen record everything, ‘i don’t care if it’s threw a wire and string the ‘I am is watching everything, there is and open little black book and I am taking names and placing these rotten people in it I am a friend of the almighty lord creator! ‘Faith is like a rose that bloomed in your mind, and the water in your ears gives it life! ‘Please trust me on this people!

  3. CPS it is more corrupt, better paid, better organized than china we must soon burn this evil to the ground or our creator will burn this world for not protecting our children they are not theres to sell they are ours to love!

  4. cps told me that they did a retest on a 2 month old ua and told me it is dirty.I complain about it and all i hear it happends all the time.They even got a private ua i took at a treatment center with out my concent.the treatment center has to retrain all their employes at 7 of their locations .pierce county needs to slow down and focuse on the people that need them.you have a healthy baby is when they want it.take my doughter will be like stealing a bear cub.

  5. I have been fighting for my 9 children whom I adopted with
    ex from infancy. They began life with such compromised
    health. But when PA CYS just burst into our quiet day my
    healthy family, was ripped from our home, and from there
    it has been HELL. I have found likewise not one source to
    spare my kids from rape, multiple moves, involuntary incarceration, and continuous maligning of me and withholding
    contact. some of my children I have still not seen 2 years.
    If the FBI investagates fraudulent government agency’s,
    or funds, Beaver and Allegheny counties, just were handed
    a heap a money to share. Beaver county double dipped,
    and through all, it was CYS who were and are abusing
    and obliterating my family, while they dragged my life
    from the joys of being a family into constant hearings,
    intrusion, and moving the finish line of “if you want them back,
    just do this”. This system is like a black hole. My kids first
    suggested no more celebration of july 4. I agreed. We have
    no rights, nor the assurance of just WHAT these wicked
    people will do, they will get away with what ever it is.
    If the FBI investagates rackateering, than here’s a family
    that is just about drilled into the ground. As mom, I have
    watched my kids tortured, and my life tormented. I need
    a real response. The FBI has an office I use to be able to
    see from our “home” which my ex drove me out of with CYS
    suggestion, he was paying the rent in lieu of child support.
    I am not interested in any groups that are walking on the
    wild side. I was raising 9 great middleclass, black kids
    some into teenage years, as a gentle mom who follows
    Jesus. If not YOU than who will hear the hoarse cry
    of a mother who has not one bit of ability to stop the
    things happening to my children. If not NOW, WHEN?
    thank you laurie elliott e-mail with reply

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