Child Protective Services Stealing & Sex Trafficking Children Stories Could Get You Killed – But They Must Be Exposed

Child Protective Services Stealing & Sex Trafficking Children Stories Could Get You Killed – But They Must Be Exposed

Editor’s Note: I post the following with great remembrances of my family’s own dealing with CPS in our state. It was not pretty and the incompetence of the social workers we dealt with, as well as many of the doctors was staggering, but to have children taken and then trafficked to who knows where and to whom is sickening. Once you read this piece, take time to read this additional article, which can be found here, concerning Benghazi and child trafficking. I have not had contact with Dave’s source, but I was contacted directly by the woman who fed the late Nancy Schaefer her information on the child sex trafficking going on from the east coast into the San Diego area and out to the world. This woman’s children were taken from her, but she was able to get one of them back and flee to Mexico. There is much more I could disclose about this woman and may do so at a future date. For now, the threat is real in the United States that children are being stolen from families, put into sex trafficking rings and being trafficked around the world, and in some cases it’s to fund Muslim warfare in other countries, and apparently Barack Obama supports it.

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I am scared for myself and my family. I feel like I am being dragged into something that is a real danger to us.

I reflected and prayed and came to the decision that I will do what is right and trust in God to protect us. I am sure a lot of people will laugh at me and say this is just another one of those “conspiracies” from D.C. Clothesline.

I can’t do anything to change the minds of those who can’t see how corrupt and evil things have become. All I can do is tell you that my gut is twisted in knots and I don’t know what to do. I want to run and I want to hide.

At the same time I think what it would feel like if I were Dave or Monika now.

Who are Dave and Monika?

Dave is Dave Hodges. He is an associate of mine and the host of The Common Sense Show. He allows me to reprint his blog articles. He is a good man. His passion in life is to get to the bottom of stories and he did just that a couple of weeks ago when he blew the lid off of a scandal so big that it put him in danger. Dave found evidence that Child Protective Services has been used as an arm of vengeance, from the powers that be, and is now engaging in child sex trafficking.

Monika is a State Department employee that has lost her son Dylan, allegedly because she is on the wrong side politically. Dylan is currently being sexually abused in a home with two sodomites. You won’t likely read this story in very many places, because it is one of those stories that is just simply too big. It is one of those stories that gets people killed.

This is like IRS targeting on steroids.

Monika emailed me yesterday. I had no previous contact with her. She was Dave’s “source.” I didn’t know her, but she looked me up because she was concerned. Here is that email…


Thank you for passing the stories along that Dave Hodges wrote about Dylan and I. DFS has started attempts to silence me and intimidate me. I am scared for my son’s and my safety. My power went out in my apartment for a whole night and day, thus causing my surveillance cameras to be powered off, while I was not home. No one in my entire apartment building lost power, just me. Dave’s website just went down, none of the stories work. Can you please ask people on your webpage to please re-post the stories all over the web. I have a feeling “someone” is taking down all links and stories pertaining to Dave Hodges, Mary Tyndall, and myself.

Thanks –

Monika Wesolowski


Should “anything” happen to me (would NOT be of my own doing) please circulate information about DFS/CPS corruption and child sex trafficking, and please share my story of how CPS stole my son and is trafficking him out to homosexual pedophiles.

I am very slow to answer emails lately. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I happened to see hers about 7 hours after she sent it. I exchanged a couple of more emails with Monika and she told me that Dave has taken his site down and is laying low for a few days. Apparently he has received threats toward his family. I also told her that I would do something to try to raise some more awareness for her this weekend. That is what I am trying to do now.

I don’t ask this often but I would ask for anyone who cares to please share this article far and wide. This story has to come to light somehow. The mainstream media sites and sources will not pick this story up because of their agendas. Some of the larger alternative sites were talking to Dave the last time I was updated, but to my knowledge they had not released this story yet. I know that was one of the sites Dave mentioned. Other sites are likely scared of getting involved in this. For anyone who remembers the Franklin Credit Union Child Trafficking Scandal, you will realize that these stories can result in a lot of untimely deaths for investigators and witnesses.

This is not my story and I do not know all of the details. So I am simply going to reprint what Dave previously wrote and hope that it somehow gains traction. I am putting my belief in the Patriotic people of this country to make this story be heard. Please remember that you are the new media and you cannot be silent. There are some very frightened people that are counting on us. We can’t keep looking the other way. We cannot keep letting these people get by with these heinous acts.

Illinois and Virginia CPS’ Conspire to Steal and Sex Traffic Children

Posted on May 17, 2014by Dave Hodges

When holding on to sensitive information, I have found it prudent to go public as I believe it gives the greatest chance of not becoming a statistic such as BreitbartHastingsClancy and appropriately in this case, Nancy Schaefer. Subsequently, I am publishing notice of the fact that the state of Virginia Child Protective Services is sex-trafficking in children that it illegally seizes and that the Illinois Child Protective Services is cooperating with Virginia in order to complete  a child abduction with sex-trafficking connections.

Obamacare and Child Abduction

Nearly three weeks ago, I wrote an investigative article which exposed a massive conspiracy designed to separate parents from their children and an obscure element of Obamacare would subsequently give the government complete control over your children.

In the article, it was documented that  Human, Health and Services (HHS)  and their state level emissary, Children Protective Services (CPS) are engaged in a conspiracy which will culminate in (1) the Agenda 21 designed breakdown of the family; (2) the eradication of any semblance of parental authority over children; and, (3) unbridled and unfettered access to seizing children from the home in unlimited quantities for whatever nefarious purposes (e.g. child sex trafficking) which might dictate the volume of child seizures.

Based upon the emails and comments the article generated, it became clear that most people saw the threat to American children as being real. However, there were the typical allegations of fear mongering and falsifying facts and conclusions by the programmed sheeple in this country who would have everyone believe that there is no such thing as a conspiracy in which two, or more, bad people would ever jointly plan to do something nefarious. Well, it did not take more than 24 hours after publishing the article for me to receive notification of a case that would parallel the hysteria I was promoting in the April 29, 2014 article.

The case, in question, involves a single mom, Monika Wesolowski, who just happens to be a State Department employee with a security clearance.  I am vaguely aware that some of her work involves ambassadors and the White House. Please note that if Wesolowski can be targeted by the new Obamacare “child protection” guidelines, given her lofty federal employee status, then we should conclude that no parent and no child is safe from the evil intentions of this administration and some of its sex trafficking minions.

With absolute certainty, it can be stated that the Virginia Child Protective Services and its partner, the Department of Family Services, along with the Illinois Child Protective Services are conspiring to steal children and sex traffic these same kids

A Quick Review of Obamacare “Child Protection” Provisions

This unprecedented program mandates a partnership between various United Nations organizations and ICF, acting on behalf of HHS, CPS and Obamacare (i.e. The Affordable Health Care Act). The evidence demonstrates that Obamacare is representative of the fact that our families are living in a Hitler Youth Movement hellish nightmare in which the state owns and can seize your children for whatever reason and purpose they deem appropriate.

After reviewing HHS, CPS and UN documents, what is being presently reported in the alternative media is merely the tip of the iceberg with regard to HHS’ intentions toward the ultimate outcome of the children in this country. After reviewing the documents, there is no doubt that Obama is representing international interests which will seek to remove as many children as possible from the homes of their parents in the spirit of the Hitler Youth Movement.

In the 110 page HHS/CPS manual, written by the UN think tank group ICF, on behalf of HHS, now serves as the field manual for CPS child snatching operations. The new “variables” which comprise child neglect, worthy of government intervention is frightening beyond any words I can find to express their undisguised intentions.

Under the HHS/CPS policy manual, they label any “grounding” of a child as neglect by isolation. There are no time frames set forth which constitutes isolation and it is left to the field representative. This obviously erodes parental discipline.

If your child is judged to be underachieving in school, this is referred to as educational neglect and is worthy of governmental intervention. Further, if your child is absent for five days in any one month from school, the same allegation would be made against the parent.

If your child has ADD or ADHD, you could be accused of neglect because the document details how this can be somehow caused by poor nutrition, although the variables associated with the cause are not specified.

Of course, no Obama inspired program would be complete without an attack upon the Second Amendment. Obamacare is no exception as one of the criteria for child neglect  are parents who are also gun owners.

I am sure that now some of the sheeple remember this referenced article where provided detailed documentation on how Obamacare allowed for CPS to steal children for nefarious purposes. They said it just was not true. Unfortunately, it is true and I now have a shining example of this horrendous program in action.

Monika Wesolowski and Son Dylan

The father of Monika Wesolowski and the grandfather of Dylan sent Monika the article described above to his daughter. This prompted an introductory email sent by Ms. Wesolowski to myself.  After reading Monika’s email, I had flashbacks to the Stacy Lynne case that I have been working on since December of 2011, when Stacey’s son, Jaden, was stolen by a Judge Julie Kunce Field who was a former consultant to the IMF and World Bank. Stacy’s was not accused of committing any crime except for publicly opposing the Agenda 21 policies in her hometown of Ft. Collins, Colorado. For her public advocacy, she now has no contact with her son and has no idea where the boy is living.

Wesolowski is guilty of even less that Stacy Lynne, who was guilty of nothing. She is guilty of being a conservative working in an ultra-liberal environment. She has an NRA bumper sticker on her car, he screen saver promotes conservative causes and she is not personally and morally on board with the “gay” and “green” agenda that has come to dominate every federal administration under the most liberal President in American history. Wesolowski does believe that she has been targeted because of Catholic based, conservative views. She has been audited by the IRS and “randomly drug tested” by her employer. Before you dismiss these occurrences as random events, keep in mind that the enforcement agent for the new snatch and grab policies of Obamacare is the IRS and that this President has been exposed for using the IRS to harass Tea Party members and uncooperative members of the mainstream media.

Wesolowski Makes Contact

On April 30, 2014, I received a lengthy email from Monika Wesolowski who detailed how her son Dylan was stolen from her home without any legitimate provocation.

On 4/30/2014 11:07 AM, Monika Wesolowski wrote:


I read your article in the RBN about how HHS is taking away children through means of CPS. This happened to me in December of 2013, the night before my son turned five years old. He is on the spectrum of Autism with PDD, sensory processing, and behavioral disorders. He is in special education. Our lives were turned upside in a matter of hours. I had no idea prior that this would happen. They came in SWAT gear to my home, with CPS arriving over an hour later. The ordeal lasted from 8:30pm to past 11pm. I did not let them in my home, and in this way they classified me as a danger. They claimed I choked my son 2 days prior and therefore he was in imminent danger of life and that they were taking him away. I never hurt my son. It was the first sign of a skin condition, eczema patches, that my son started having. He had one small round one on the back of his neck. This is what they used against me. They did not take him to a doctor but ruled on hearsay. Once in temporary custody of my neighbors, we immediately took my son to the pediatrician, who claimed there was no injury and no bruising. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I HAVE THE PEDIATRICIAN’S REPORT AND THE APPEARANCE OF A RASH WAS SUBSTANTIATED, NOT BRUISING FROM SOME MYTHICAL ATTACK). She stated my son had a skin condition and provided medication. CPS was very angry that we took him to the doctor. They used the doctor’s report against me saying I coerced the doctor and that I was trying to use the medication as a cover. I was never arrested or criminally charges, rather my son was taken based off hearsay and Civil Court Order, an Emergency Removal. Once in court, the judge refused to incorporate any medical records. By this time my son was in a foster home of two gay men. I am Roman Catholic and have been very opposed to the foster home. By the time this went to court, there were two medical records as my son was taken to the pediatrician while in foster care and given medication for a second eczema (dermatitis) rash. He has had a few of these rashes since the ordeal started. 

My son was kidnapped by CPS in order to traffic him into foster care. He is in a home of two gay dads. I don’t know what to do. I live in Fairfax County, Virginia, which is now exploding with more cases such as mine. I am having a hard time getting a lawyer, no one wants to oppose the system. People are afraid. They have now accused my son’s daycare of child abuse. The daycare testified on my behalf in court, so they are now accusing the daycare of abusing my son and pulling out his hair, leaving bald marks, and putting poop in his face. I know this is all false also. When they removed my son from my home, they took him out of the daycare too, so these were new charges, even though he was no longer attending. They are trying to scare everyone around me.

I am a good mother, and my son has developmental disabilities. This was used to interrogate and coerce my son, and kidnap him. The father started this mess when he lost custody and all appeals, I had won sole legal custody. Two months later they were taking my son away and the ex now had the chance to modify custody. He added false claims of abuse and has been working with CPS and DFS (Dept. of Family Services) to keep our son in foster care.

I need help or advice. Can you put my story out for people to see? Can you help me expose this more, or maybe let me know if you know of anyone that can help?

Kind Regards,

Monika Wesolowski

Falls Church, VA

Monika went to court to try and get her son removed from CPS custody. She took the pediatrician’s report as well as the CPS psychological investigation which stated that Monika posed no threat to her son and the fact that the boy had not been injured. Amazingly, the judge would not allow the evidence to be entered into testimony leaving with the conundrum of this being her word vs. the word of CPS.

Monika has sent me the following in a later email:

Attached are also the pediatrician records I tried to use in court, with sworn affidavits. The 12/9/13 is the evaluation to prove I did not injure my son. The full CPS report is attached too. It’s full lies and fabrication, they refused to also use my maiden name despite that I was divorced at this point. They also listed me as Hispanic in one section in order to justify their funding.…

Speaking of funding, All CPS organizations receive $ 5,000 for each child taken from the home and that money is paid by HHS. If the child and mother are minorities, the funding stipend increases, hence the Hispanic designation.

Many of these new wards of the state simply disappear and are never heard from again as was the case in Oklahoma. This is the kind of case that got former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer killed for daring to expose the criminal connection between CPS and child sex trafficking done by organizations like DynCorps and HSBC Bank.

Child sex trafficking is big business and the business is run like a Mafia organization which eliminates with extreme prejudice those persons who would expose the practice. As an aside, I am all too cognizant of the fact who and what I am dealing with. Therefore, I have distributed the Wesolowski “proof” of these claims to trusted sources for all the obvious reasons. This article also represents a kind of insurance policy as well.

Monika Wesolowski Can Prove What She Claims

Rather than placing Dylan with family and close friends as a foster care arrangement, CPS has opted to place the boy with two gay men. This is where the situation becomes very concerning. Gay rights advocates can relax, I am not going to discuss the wisdom of such a custody arrangement. Rather, I am going to expose reported criminal activity of two men who have no CPS oversight with regard to their parenting of Dylan.

As result of Monika’s visitations with Dylan, she has made some frightening discoveries. Dylan has “marks” in sensitive areas consistent with sexual abuse. The information is graphic and I am trying to determine the best method to release this photographic evidence. In addition, Dylan has regressed to defecating in his pants. He has unexplained fits of temper where he talks about cutting off his hands and the hands of others. Think sexually, this boy is describing the mechanics of sexual abuse.  As some readers know, I am a former mental health counselor. If this case was taking place in my state of Arizona, I would be compelled to report these facts to the authorities or face going to jail.

Here is another excerpt of an email that Monika sent me with graphic evidence.

These are the photos I sent to my new attorney concerning my son’s abuse & neglect, and fear or sexual abuse.

His dermatitis rashes are on his back and shoulder and have been there for at least several weeks, are getting worse. My son is skinnier and has lost weight since in the foster. He last yelled repeatedly that he wants to cut his hands off over and over and over prior to the bath….

Why the Delay In Reporting This Case?

Up until this point, I have been publicly silent on this issue because I was hopeful that Monika and Dylan would be reunited and I did not want to muddy the waters. CPS laid out a set of conditions that Monika had to follow if she was going to get her son back. She has fulfilled all of the unwarranted mandates that CPS laid out in order to get her son back. However, CPS/DFS is delaying the reunification until December of 2014. As I have discovered if this case gets dragged out for 12 months, CPS can take the child and no report requirement with regard to status has to be made to the original parent. This mother has no chance of getting her son back.

I delayed in reporting this case because Monika had a meeting, yesterday, with the Virginia Department of Family Services. I was hoping against all odds that she would get her child back and I did not want to antagonize the authorities. The following email description summarizes Monika’s meeting with DFS.

Ok. Met with DFS, all they are trying to do is damage control. I called the police, it’s a county over and their process is I have to talk to an officer first and only then it can go higher. I am saving brief clips of proof along with photos and dates, and going tomorrow during the morning as I have a feeling it will take half the day, and during the day. They won’t let me speak to a detective until I have enough proof, so I’m compiling!

But yes, I will talk on your show. Send me details of exact date, time, and number.

Monika Wesolowski

Virginia and Illinois Are Conspiring to Steal Dylan From His Mother

On May 15, 2014, I received a very disturbing email from Monika which described the following collusion between the Virginia and Illinois CPS with regard to her son’s case.

On 5/15/2014 8:20 PM, Monika Wesolowski wrote:

I just found out from my mom that the department of family services in IL tried to get my parents to sign a statement that I did something to hurt Dylan, and they wouldn’t. So when they signed their name saying I was innocent and that they support me and are on my side, IL said that VA won’t like that, and that my parents have no chance of getting Dylan since they are on my side. My mom is positive their plan is to adopt my son out into foster and no one in the family will have him. They are positive I need to make this all public. She believes DFS has NO intention of giving me my son back, despite what they tell me. I agree. I will try tomorrow, but I’m 99% sure we need to expose this and I need to file a Police report. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I HAD ADVISED MONIKA TO FILE A SEXUAL ABUSE REPORT AGAINST THE TWO GAY FOSTER PARENTS WITH HER LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT BASED UPON THE EVIDENCE THAT SHE HAD SENT ME).

Monika Wesolowski

I responded with the following show announcement:

On May 16, 2014, at 3:05 AM, Dave Hodges <> wrote:

I am booking you on my show for 2.5 hours from 930pm-midnight, Central, on May 25, 2014.  I am going to invite your contact from the organization you told me about. She called but I have been swamped and will catch up with her on Friday or Saturday.


Dot Connecting

Remember the organizational pyramid I laid out earlier in the article. Obamacare is in charge of all child welfare. The IRS is the enforcement mechanism. HHS and resulting child services is operating under the previously documented UN created document on taking children from parents. HHS is now the de facto parent organization for CPS. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Illinois, where Monika’s parents live, would cooperate with Virginia’s CPS in getting Dylan away from Monika’s entire family to fulfill their immoral mandate.


This practice is a globalist practice given the fact that the operating procedures come from the UN. Does anyone still believe that anyone can acquiesce and coexist with any New World Order Agenda?

I will be providing updates on this most regrettable case in the near future.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.

###End of Original Article###

Again, I am asking people to share this and help get the word out.

I am also asking you to pray for all involved.

I have young children and I really did not want to get involved, for obvious reasons. But someone has to speak for the woman who has already lost her child, and for the man who is in fear for his family’s safety because of exposing the story. Someone has to speak for the frightened young child who has been away from his mother for too long.

Please do whatever you can to help. Somehow we must all find the courage to do whatever it takes to purge this country of the sickness which has overtaken it.

Dean Garrison, Publisher of The D.C. Clothesline



For those of you first dealing with CPS, in my opinion, just don’t sign anything that gives them control of your children, don’t let them in your home without a warrant, and don’t talk to them. They are the enemy and they are not looking out for the children. They give judges false information to obtain warrants. Try and find out what information they said to get a warrant if they do.

If you don’t talk to them, they make threats. That’s all they are, threats. Don’t give them any information. They will twist it and rewrite it as they understood what you said, which is usually has nothing to do with what you were really saying. Don’t trust your lawyer. He is on their side too.  Do the research and tell him what you want him to do, don’t let him talk you into something you don’t want to do, or would even be the worst things you could do.

Fight and make them prove everything they say. If there was real child abuse going on it would be a criminal matter. If they can’t charge you with a crime, then there is no child abuse taking place. Don’t be afraid and don’t let them wear you down. Best of luck.

There is some very good information about fighting CPS here.

Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations
Family Rights v. Child Welfare

November 28, 2010

Fight CPS Legal Document & Information Library

This Fight CPS Legal Document & Information Library often refers to pages within our FightCPS Message Board Forum. In order for some of the links to work you must be (1) registered, and (2) logged in – at the message board.

This library contains forms and information on legal procedures. I will add more links as I find them.


(1) Do not give CPS any self-incriminatory information on affidavits, declarations, or other legal documents.

(2) All information found at FightCPS is used at your own risk. If possible, consult an attorney for help.

(3) These are just sample documents and links to information. You will need to draft your own documents using whatever details are pertinent to your case.

(4) There’s a lot more information on the message board than I’ve linked to on this page. You can start a search for more legal document information here: Alphabetical Index.

(5) If we don’t have what you need, maybe we can find it, or draft a sample for you. The message board is the place to ask for help finding a legal document sample. You can also request feedback on your case.


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State Laws

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Suing – False Reports

Suing Those Who Make False Reports to CPS

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Will Anyone Help With a Class Action Law Suit Against CPS?

I am far from being a lawyer and have no idea how to really fight this section of our government, but if we don’t they will go on destroying families.  Please someone help start a class action suit against “Child Parent Separators”.  They traumatize innocent children all in the name of the old mighty dollar. We all need to put a stop to this, if anyone can help please do.   Thank you, Charlotte

Don’t Ever Sign Anything Admitting Accusations

CPS takes children with threat and court appointed attorneys that tell you to give custody to them. If there is real child abuse, their would be criminal charges. Never sign anything by giving CPS the power over your children. Fight for your rights!!

Don’t ever let CPS in your home and don’t ever talk to them

I was informed by a lawyer, you don’t have to let CPS in your and you should never let them in, without a warrant. Never talk to them or let your children talk to them. Every case is different, but in my opinion he is right. The lawyer told me that’s how they get a warrant, by rewording what is said and what they see. If you have not done anything wrong do not sign anything giving up any of your rights. If you have abused your children, it is a criminal matter and will be settled in criminal court.

CPS Workers Get Bonuses, But Their Accounting System Doesn’t Record it That Way

Just look at the first few paragraphs of this report. It shows:

The data contained in this report may not agree with the FY 2007 budget and accounting records


the cost of furnishing personnel in lieu of cash are included in the grants data, but are recorded as personnel service costs in accounting records

Here’s the whole report:


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the principal United States (U.S.) government agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services to those in need. As one of the largest federal departments, the nation’s largest health insurer, and the largest grant-making agency, HHS represents almost a quarter of all federal outlays and administers more grant dollars than all other federal agencies combined. HHS manages an array of grant programs in basic and applied science, public health, income support, child development, and health and social services. Collectively these programs are the Department’s primary means to achieve its strategic goals and objectives, described in the FY 2007-2012 HHS Strategic Plan (see Appendix A). The top 50 programs by award amount are identified in Appendix B.

To realize these goals HHS forms partnerships with other federal departments; state, local, and tribal governments; academic institutions; hospitals; the business community; nonprofit and volunteer organizations including faith-based and community-based organizations; and foreign countries and international organizations. The primary vehicle used in these partnerships is a grant. Grants are financial assistance awards that provide support or stimulation to accomplish a public purpose authorized by federal statute. The primary beneficiary under a grant or cooperative agreement is the public, as opposed to the government. Unique to the HHS Indian Health Service (IHS) are Public Law 93-638 Title V Compact and Title I Contract awards, which are self-determination funding agreements. Compacts are explained further in the IHS portfolio section of this report.

This report is the annual summary of grants HHS awarded during Fiscal Year 2007 (October 1, 2006, through September 30, 2007). The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the Department’s grant programs, which are described in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) ( The source of the grant data is the Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System (TAGGS), the Department’s central grant funding information database. Annual grants reports for fiscal years 1997 through 2006 are located at the TAGGS Web site (

This report does not include technical assistance, which provides services instead of money; other assistance in the form of loans, loan guarantees, interest subsidies, or insurance; direct payments of any kind to individuals; or contracts which are required to be entered into and administered under procurement laws and regulations.

By aggregating this grant information into this single report, we hope to provide a more complete and useful understanding of the Department’s grant awards. This report provides grant award information in four sections: Overview, Mandatory Grant Awards, Discretionary Grant Awards and Operating Division (OPDIV) Grant Programs.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Office of the Secretary
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Resources and Technology
Office of Grants

Table of Contents

Foreword……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 2
Table of Contents……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 3
Notes on Methodology, TAGGS……………………………………………………………………………………….. 4
Section I. Overview…………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 5
Organizational Chart…………………………………………………………………………………………….. 7
Grant Awards By Operating Division………………………………………………………………………. 8
Section II. Mandatory Grant Awards………………………………………………………………………………… 10
Section III. Discretionary Grant Awards by Financial Assistance Type………………………………… 16
Section IV. Operating and Staff Division Grant Portfolios
Administration for Children and Families (ACF)……………………………………………………… 22
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)…………………………………………… 24
Administration on Aging (AoA)……………………………………………………………………………… 25
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)……………………………………………….. 27
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)………………………………………………… 30
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)……………………………………………………………………. 32
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)…………………………………………. 34
Indian Health Service (IHS)…………………………………………………………………………………. 36
National Institutes of Health (NIH)………………………………………………………………………… 38
Office of the Secretary (OS)
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE)………….. 41
Office for Public Health and Science (OPHS)……………………………………………. 43
Office of Global health AFFAIRS (OGHA)…………………………………………………. 46
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPR)………….. 48
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)………………… 50
Appendix A. HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives…………………………………………………………….. 52
Appendix B. HHS Grant Programs………………………………………………………………………………….. 53

Notes on Methodology, TAGGS

The grant information contained in this report is from the HHS TAGGS, which contains data generated by the HHS grant-making operating divisions (OPDIVs) and several staff divisions (STAFFDIVs) within the Office of the Secretary (OS). For purposes of this report, OS is considered an OPDIV. Developed and maintained by the Office of Grants (OG), TAGGS is the Department’s central repository for all HHS grant award data.

TAGGS currently tracks obligated grant funds of mandatory and discretionary grant programs at the primary transaction level. HHS grant-making OPDIVs submit grant award data to the TAGGS database monthly and annually. Other data submitted to TAGGS include grant recipient demographic (e.g., type of organization, address); funding and grants payments, managed in the Payment Management System; and descriptive program information included in the CFDA Web site. (

The OG maintains a public Web site (, where users are able to view standard TAGGS-generated reports and to query the database. This TAGGS Web site is used by HHS staff, congressional offices, other executive agencies, potential and current grant recipients, and other interested parties for a variety of informational purposes. Some commonly searched TAGGS fields are congressional district, grant program name, recipient (grantee) name, recipient location (state, city, zip, and/or congressional district), awarding OPDIV, transaction amount (or sum of transactions), and fiscal year.

The data in this report reflect all grant awards obligated during FY 2007. The number of grants is a count of awards or projects receiving grant funds. This report also includes funds deobligated in FY2007 that were awarded in prior fiscal years. Deobligations are downward adjustments to previously awarded obligations, representing cost revisions, corrections, or award cancellation. However, any deobligations to FY 2007 Awards occurring in subsequent fiscal years will not be contained in this report.

The data contained in this report may not agree with the FY 2007 budget and accounting records (e.g., Medicaid’s accounting adjustments) for several reasons. For examples: 1) the grant award data may include reobligations of prior years’ funds in addition to current year funds; 2) the cost of furnishing personnel in lieu of cash are included in the grants data, but are recorded as personnel service costs in accounting records; and 3) jointly funded grants are included in accounting records, but are not included herein unless awards are made by HHS programs.

The dollar amounts set forth in this report for each OPDIV may also differ from the amounts shown in the each OPDIV’s Budget Request (“Preliminary Budget Submission to HHS,” the “Justification of Budget Estimates to OMB,” and the “Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committees”). Percentages used throughout the report may not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding and other minor adjustments.

Section I. Overview

The Department of Health and Human Services awards approximately 60% of the federal government’s grant dollars. HHS awards two types of grants: mandatory and discretionary. Mandatory grants are those that a federal agency is required by statute to award if the recipient, usually a state, submits an acceptable state plan or application, and meets the eligibility and compliance requirements of the statutory and regulatory provisions of the grant program. Discretionary grants are those that permit the federal government, according to specific authorizing legislation, to exercise judgment, or “discretion,” in selecting the applicant/recipient organization, through a competitive grant process.

Over three quarters of HHS’s budget is comprised of mandatory programs. Medicare, Medicaid, State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) are the largest HHS mandatory programs, providing a total of approximately $600 billion annually in health and human services to over 80 million Americans. Medicare and Medicaid are the nation’s largest health insurance programs assisting states, healthcare providers, and individuals in the provision of adequate health care for those in need. Although Medicare and Medicaid are entitlement programs, Medicare is directly administered by HHS and state governments. TAGGS does not track such direct payments; thus, they are not included in this report.

Other HHS health programs encompass biomedical research, training of biomedical research scientists and health professionals, support of health professional schools, development and delivery of health services, disease prevention and health promotion programs, and construction of research, educational, and health facilities.

HHS social service programs provide support to every group of Americans, including children, youth, families, and the elderly. As a social service program, TANF provides block grants to states to provide benefits and services to low income families with children. In addition to providing cash benefits to needy families, states use TANF to provide a wide range of benefits such as child care and transportation aid and activities to help reduce out-of-wedlock pregnancies to support two-parent families. Other HHS social service programs to improve the social and economic well being of those in need include refugee assistance, enforcement of child support orders, foster care and adoption, prevention of child abuse and neglect, Indian tribal services, Head Start programs, youth at-risk prevention, and other programs and initiatives targeted toward improving the social and economic well being of those in need.

The following HHS OPDIVs/STAFFDIVs administer and manage over 300 grant programs which are described in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance ( In this report, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry awards are included in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant funding data.

ACF – Administration for Children and Families
AHRQ – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
AoA – Administration on Aging
ATSDR – Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CMS – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
FDA – Food and Drug Administration
HRSA – Health Resources and Services Administration
IHS – Indian Health Service
NIH – National Institutes of Health
OS/ASPE – Office of the Secretary/Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
OS/OPHS – Office of the Secretary/Office of Public Health and Science
OS/OGHA – Office of the Secretary/Office of Global Health Affairs
OS/ASPR – Office of the Secretary/Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Organizational Chart

The following organizational chart shows the structure of HHS.


FY 2007 Total Dollars: $273,301,411,087
FY 2007 Total Awards: 76,088
FY 2007 Total Recipients: 11,725

In FY 2007, HHS awarded $273.3 billion in grants. This included $40.2 billion in discretionary awards and $233.1 billion in mandatory awards.

CMS, which administers the Medicaid Program, awarded 70% ($192 billion) of the total HHS grant funds, representing less than 1% of the total number of grants.

ACF awarded the second highest percentage (16.5%, $45.2 billion) of the total HHS grant funds, which represents 10% of the total number of grants.

NIH awarded 70% (53,480) of the total number of HHS grants, totaling $21 billion, in FY 2007. This represents 53% of the discretionary grant funds, but only 8% of the total HHS grants funds.

OPDIV Grant Funding: Mandatory and Discretionary Totals



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