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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Cps claims they paid for drug test drug class ,anger management, and parenting classes for me and my girlfriend when in fact I paid all of mine and the biggest part of hers do they get tax dollars for that money if thats fraud receiving money under falsecircumstance is it not.

  2. They are doing this to my neiece I have tried to help but because they say am to old and a cripple they it’s getting to be hard on her I know she has not done drugs but for some reason she blacked out and she And said she had exticy in her system PLEASE someone has to help her

  3. someone or the government need to stop the CPS here in Bremerton wa..I’m all about keeping children safe! but what they did to my daughter was wrong so many false statements! Theses are my grandchildren and my daughter has been living with me and my husband and they will not let us see the kids..MY grandkids was so loved and I have to see my daughter cry everyday as well I me! she has passed everything but the workers she had no matter what my daughter does still isn’t good enogh it SICKNESS ME and her children cry for there mother! they don’t call her to let her know when she can see the kids! until the father of two of them emailed her to say why didn’t you see the kids! again she never got a call her caseworker has her number our home number and her soon to be husbends number..My daughter is working now and she called her worker and told her and she told my daughter if you miss one more you will not ever see your kids!! she got a letter from the doctor saying the baby she is 3 months old has missed her shoots!! now she is in there care this is upsetting to me they take the children out of a home where they was loved happy and didn’t need anything! and they treat my daughter like she beat or hurt her children and it was nothing like that! she was cussed out by one of her workers I can go on and on..please someone need to do something my 3 month granddaughter when I saw her before Christmas she was sick her finger nails was so durtiy and her poor bottom was so red bleeding with diaper rash!! why isn’t someone talking to the govaner of this state can someone please help me or give me a number where I can get help PLEASE..if I new my daughter wasn’t a good mother or if she didn’t take care of her children I would have done something my self but they have wrtien so much un true crap…take away our children and put them somewhere that clearly they are not being taken care of and I’m not going to wait around and let something bad happen to my babys..I seen this a lot on tv where the cps here in Bremerton has made bad choices and what they have done to my daughter was un fare and they still are treating her bad!! if anyone can help.

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