12 thoughts on “This needs to be listen to!

  1. If anyone has ideas on combating and reporting false CPS statements and defamation of character when you have picture proof and documention or need legal representation, then please email me. If have pictures, and proof of false statements they made against me and a chain of timelines and evidence which I am ready to take them to task on in Virginia Beach, but I do not want to get specific. I would like to contact federal agencies, legal advice, or oversight groups. Who would I contact? Someone please help. My email is yusun.beck@gmail.com. Currently, working on appeal, documentation, and court issues. Please help! They are doing wrong and it is interefering with my children even the counselors agree, but they will not leave my family alone! For fear of the agency no one will speak out, so I need federal authorities to intervene and see it all.

  2. Please someone need to here this story 40 year’s dealing with CPS AKA/DCYF. IT HORRIBLE. WHAT THEY HAVE DONE AND POLICE WHO PROTECT THEIR CRIMES

  3. Oct 2014 cps took my grandkids out of my home from a charge a decade ago by the way was dismissed.they put my granddaughter in my home purposely to get ro my grandson. Legally they have ro do a home study and fingerprints.never did till two months after.now my grand son I believe is being sedated .tormented,touched on privates to cause pain.now he has a big knot on his left side of his chest.cps people who are care givers have not yet called to let us know his well being. I told the head person at cos ,supervisors case workers and .casa gardians of my suspicions.,he is being hurt and I don’t know what to do but make a police report .but I know I’m going to the media,and starting a protest and I going to sue these evil people..i live in Loveland Ohio Clermont county.they do nothing to protect kids or to try to reunite kkids back with family.they don’t care there against the families.they all buddies cover each others backs while kids get traumatized. Abused sedated.they don’t. Care.gotta unite and take it ro the highest courts not just talk take action.and put a stop to these abusers.

    1. I too have had this happen to me I have 2 grandchildren my son and the mother choose to get high on meth me and my husband have been raising the children keeping a roof over there head’s feeding them buying there clothes, shoes, toys,
      And I have kept them overnight all the time cause I told both parents if you want to get high get out children are staying here, and because both parents failed drug test they said because my husband has a 35 year old murder cause the children have to be removed do you no I can’t see them I can’t call them, Everytime I talked to CPS they always say yes we are working on getting you visiting and phone calls.
      Since January 28 2017 .
      What can I do please someone help
      Me I can’t work I can’t sleep all I do is worry about them as for the parents still using drugs.Austin Texas

  4. It is true about fighting cps could get you killed. Since my children where taken and me personally doing my own investigation. I noticed that from me being robbed. On numerous occasions, all my evidence was being taken. My son accused and locked up. My personal identity tampered with. It’s been nine years and no help because it’s being hidden. Or your case was thrown out. As for as the police reports due to falsefying information. Certainly not on my behalf, but there’s. I refuse to allow another year to go by and see nothing is being done. I’m angry and hurting for my children. The last time I seen them was nine years ago. Excluding the threats, harassment,wrongful convictions,retaliation, tampering with documentations, cps worker lying to the judge,threatened if I would’by give the cos worker my pin number to my bank account. Yes, I can honestly say, I thought this only happens on t.v. no it happens in real life. And for the love of my children I want stop. I want my children home with me their mother. Also, did I state deflamation of character and my humanitarian rights violated. Who ever read this, as a parent to any other parent who went through this too. Don’t give and keep continuing the good fight. Our children do not deserve this. To some cases they cause more harm than good. I myself is seeking legal help. Only to be told there is no help for me. Trust me I don’t believe that..I just have to keep up with the good fight. If any suggestions please feel free to contact. At my email address at fishershalonda@Yahoo.com . How do I also find help to find my baby that was taken from my womb. The child birth is not registered. The only people that was with me is my mother and that cps worker. She knew I was pregnant. My mother was very hurt by this. She didn’t think it was people out there like that….. Help me if you can… These people will do what they can to destroy someone else’s life and credibility.

    1. One thing I do know is it’s really hard for parents to get there parental rights taking away from what I understand and research you have to be a bad parent or give up your parental rights on your own .
      So If you didn’t do either one of these then you have rights go to the law library at your city court house.
      Good luck

  5. Yes they have to stop stealing our Futures away thats our Children,Grand Children sick n tired of them 99% of our Kids n Grandkids are in Care now mine are CCO my son n grandson i want to sue them for what they have been doing to me since my first was born i need ur support pls

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