Here is something to help you fight CPS

Hope this helps.  There will be more to come.  Good luck with CPS or better known as Children Parent Seperaters.  You might also want to visit this web site.



This really must be stopped.  Civil right are being broken, families torn apart, children being sold and kidnapped, all with the help of the state and federal government.


This strategic and tactical family defense plan is based upon and adapts corporate

Proactive legal defense strategies to family defense application.  Corporate proactive legal defense became a necessity to protect companies from abuse of the legal system by unscrupulous

Individuals engaged in fraud, malice, organized crime, and political extremism.  Families may

Benefit from the same sophisticated proactive defense capabilities to deal with abuse of

Government power by government employees, state contracted service providers, and court

Ordered service providers engaged in fraud, malice, sexual deviance, organized crime, and political extremism.


Be advised that attempting to assert your legal rights and the rights of your children

Against the interests of organized criminals and political extremists (CPS), operating under the color of government authority may not be effective and your legal defense measures may bring

You and your family to the attention of these individuals.  They may attempt to make an example

of you.


Before conducting anything against CPS, you should consult a qualified attorney licensed to

Practice law in your State to determine if what you are doing complies with State Code

Alternatively, judicial protocol in your State.  You should carefully determine the costs and benefits

To determine which course of action is best for you and your family.  If the family defense plan is

Possible to determine in advance the costs and benefits of using them in your state.


The worst-case consequences of having your children removed by criminals or political

Extremists operating under color of government authority are known:


1. Your child may be “lost” from State custody and never seen again.


2. Your child may be murdered by state employees, contract service providers, or others.


3. Your child may be forced into a foster care prostitution ring operated by State

Employees or foster parents.


4. Your child may be molested by heterosexuals or homosexual or forced into exploitative

“Relationships” with heterosexuals or homosexuals.


5. Your child may be physically abused, emotionally abused, or developmentally impaired

By being provided a nutritionally inadequate diet.


You should carefully consider your circumstances and evaluate the cost and benefit

Consequences prior to deciding upon a course of action.


After becoming a victim of the “child protection system”,  I  am trying to use the advanced methodology I had developed to map out how the system worked and” reverse engineered” the methods and procedures used by the organized crime and political extremist bureaucracies operating in the mental health, social work, and child protection systems.


I am going to try this methodology to case and evidence analysis in false child abuse

allegation cases.  For which my analytical, strategy and tactics development services…  In virtually all these cases, there is no perceived hope for the parents.


These analyses will identification of a fundamental problem common to all cases.  In all cases, none of the parents ever engaged thought or planning regarding what would happen when criminals or political extremists gained access to government power and authority and directed it against their family.  When disaster and trauma struck, the only practical course of action available was to react by seeking an attorney or surrendering to the demands of the criminals.


Upon having this insight, I will develop a set of procedures that will convert a family’s protective strategy from reactive to proactive.


This will be adapted from corporate proactive defense strategy and tactics.  My goal has been to identify a legal means of ending the atrocities being committed against American families by criminals, political extremists, and general sociopaths operating within government agencies and programs.  I will complete this effort and want to make this option available to families through selected family support and defense organizations.


Parents should begin thinking like corporate executives to protect the family.  Just like

Corporate executives who must protect their companies from fraud and malice, parents will find

It beneficial to avoid being bankrupted by unnecessary legal expenses traumatized by unwarranted child abuse prosecutions and emotionally scarred for life by the unwarranted termination of parental rights.  This strategic and tactical plan may serve as a starting point for parents who want to become proactive in stopping the destruction of their families


The purpose of this Plan is to fight the abuse of government authority by organized criminals, sociopaths, political extremists, and unscrupulous child exploiters.  This Plan relies upon the existence of processes of government.  A complete and proper implementation of

This Plan should force recognition of the existence of these orderly processes and the restoration

Of their use.  If you abandon your responsibilities as a citizen to ensure that our government

Operates as intended by those who framed the Constitution, those who succeed in wresting

Control away from you will certainly abandon you.  If you have any doubts about this, look at what passes for government in Washington, D. C. now.


.  If one child has been removed and others remain in the home, the remaining children may still be protected…  It may still be possible to reassert your right to privacy or other rights that have been violated.  Discuss with your attorney to determine what benefits it may be possible to achieve under your specific circumstances.


Transition from reactive to proactive legal actions forms.





a)      Copies of this form should be kept ready for immediate use in each house, perhaps held on the refrigerator with a magnet.  The entire family should be instructed and rehearsed on its use.  A copy should be handed to any person or law enforcement agent that appears at the door and requests entrance to the residence to investigate a child abuse allegation or any pretext that may be a covert investigation.  This should become part of the training children receive on how to deal with strangers.  “Strangers” should include government officials seeking entrance in the absence of a parent or other adult.  The child should be able to distinguish the use of this form and the NOTICE TO GOVERNMENT AGENTS card.  This form is to be used when approached in the home if a parent is not present.  The card should be used outside the home or if the child is removed from the residence.  This is an important distinction.  This form invokes parental rights.  The NOTICE TO GOVERNMENT AGENTS card invokes the legal rights of the child.



a)      This completed notarized signed form is to be filed with the appropriate legal agent for the state child protection agency.  Service should be verifiable by Certified Mail Return Receipt or by a signed receipt for hand delivery.  For political and public relations purposes, copies should be sent to the Governor, CPS director and an unsigned sample copy to the media.  It is highly advisable that a social movement be started in the State to get as many people as possible to complete and file the form to protect their families from criminals and political extremists with access to government authority.  Remember the numerous horror stories of children who are killed or disappear in State custody, for example Rilya Wilson in Florida who has never been found.  Strength of numbers will be an important factor in determining the outcome.  It is essential this be accepted as a universal necessity and not characterized as extremist or associated with any extremist cause.  It should be compared to the introduction of the prenuptial agreement as a preventive measure to protect rights and prevent costly legal processes.  Remember the legal expenses that have bankrupted families whose children have been wrongfully seized.





i)        Cards with The full legal name of each child in a family should be written on the blank line of a separate card.  It would be best for the card to then be laminated prior to giving it to the child to use.  The child should be taught and rehearsed to give the card to any school official or agent for the State, such as child protective services or teachers, whenever questions are asked about the family.  This card should be used in conjunction with and supplementary to the NOTICE OF EXERCISE OF PARENTAL RIGHTS form filed with the administrator of each place the child regularly stays or visits outside the home.  The page containing these multiple card forms should be print onto tear-apart business card stock generally available at office supply stores.  This model form page is formatted to print on Avery 5371 Business Card tear-apart pages


5)      Post “NO TRESPASSING” sign.


i)        Posting a “NO TRESPASSING” sign along the boundary of owned, leased or rented check your State Code for the legal requirements and specifications for a “NO TRESPASSING” sign, such as the minimum height of lettering on the sign, the exact words or alternative marks, the color of the ink or paint, the location and maximum spacing between the signs, distinctions between forest land and non-forest land, who is exempt and other possible details.  Your State Code should also be checked to determine if approval of the owner of leased or rented property is required prior to posting a “NO TRESPASSING” sign.  can be a powerful protective tool that may give you additional rights against persons who enter your property for criminal purpose

ii)        Even someone who may initially appear exempt under State agent classification who subsequently is documented to have been participating in the wrongful removal of children for purposes of filing fraudulent Federal fund claims, insurance fraud, Medicare fraud, or other criminal activity could then be subject to additional provisions of your State Code regarding trespassing for criminal purposes, providing your State Code has such provisions.  Exercise offensive legal avenues to expose fraud, corruption, organized crime, and political extremism in your State child protection system and supporting mental health and social work programs and individuals.  (Listed in order of increasing complexity and time to initiate.)


6)      File Federal Data Quality Act challenge to all child abuse related statistics reported to the Federal Government for all purposes.

a)      Obtain list of all Federal grant and reimbursement programs your State Child Protection Agency participates in.

b)      Obtain a list of all weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports your State Child Protection Agency files with the Federal Government.  Obtain a copy of all such reports for past twelve years (necessary to avoid redundant request for one legal option)

c)       Obtain copies of all Child Protection Agency third-party contracts for Obtain copies of Child Protection Agency and umbrella agency Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for the past twelve years

d)      Obtain copies of the complete file for each stock, bond and certificate of deposit (CD) held by the Child Protection Service Agency and its umbrella Agency

e)       Obtain a copy of all Child Protection Agency intra departmental and interdepartmental e-mail for as far back as they are maintained.

f)        Obtain copies of all reports and minutes of the Child Protection Agency Child Death Review Committee,

g)      Including reports on the annual number of deaths and injuries to children held in State custody.  Obtain a copy of the database of therapy service provider claims filed with the Crime Victims Reparation Board for analysis of child abuse related claims filed by therapists and corporations

h)      Check all reports for violation of Federal Data Quality Act Standards and violation of State and Federal criminal statutes regarding falsification of claims and fraud.


7)      File Federal Data Quality Act complaints with Federal Agencies as warranted, based upon documented violations.


8)      File criminal complaints or initiate civil action against third-party mental health and social work contractors that are businesses under relevant and applicable State code regarding deceptive and unconscionable trade practices where it can be documented evaluation testing was rigged or falsified to produce false positives indicating the need for private or state services.

i)        File qui tam or RICO suit(s) as warranted by evidence of fraud and false claims uncovered during the analysis of the information obtained Obtaining any percentage award(s) of money would, in whole or in part, reimburse the expenditures for implementing the aggressive component of this strategic and tactical plan.


9)      Develop an effective public relations program.

i)        Review all evidence uncovered and determine when it should be released, the means of release, and what should be withheld for use under I.B.Organize and maximize the number of State citizens who use the forms listed under I.A.


10)  Evaluate your overall public relations problems and devise solutions compatible with your religious, ethical, and political values.

i)        Despite actions based upon a desire for privacy, your current strategy, or lack of one, may be creating a negative public image, invite spectacular exploitation by the media, and may stand in sharp contrast with other religious denominations, groups and families.

ii)       Review your current parenting activities to identify any possible methods that may improve effectiveness consistent with your personal beliefs, political ideology, and ethics and not be legitimately confused with abuse.

iii) Periodic evaluations of methods and procedures is a good idea for families, businesses and organizations




To: and other school officials and caretakers: This will inform you that my child, should not be searched or interviewed by any government entity or agent, without my prior written consent.  Should any governmental entity or agent request or demand to interview, question, examine, or search my child, you are hereby instructed to contact me immediately at the following telephone numbers:




Cell phone:


Message: Further, please be informed that any expression of consent that I may give will be conditioned on the interview, questioning, examination, or search being video taped in its entirety and upon my having sufficient time to have my attorney present.


My child is not authorized to attend or participate in any class, orientation, program, seminar, or individual counseling about child abuse without my prior written consent.

Consent for my child to participate in any child abuse education or other child abuse

Related activities are conditional upon:  pretence on the part of any presenter or false, misleading, or inaccurate information included in any presentation;

Sufficient advance notice for me to review contents of any presentation; the presentation, including any question and answer sessions, being video taped in its entirety.


Should any interview, questioning, examination, or search be conducted without my Permission?


I will pursue all civil and criminal remedies appropriate and necessary.


If you choose to ignore this instruction or, if it is your position that you are not legally bound to follow this instruction, please notify me immediately upon receipt of this declaration.


Respectfully submitted,











Forms are Below


You are hereby notified that I do not relinquish, surrender or agree to the suspension, revocation, curtailment or attenuation of any natural right, primary right, secondary right, preventive right, remedial right, parental right, or any right to which I am entitled or guaranteed under the applicable State and United States constitutions, applicable United Nations human or parental rights accords, and all other international agreements and accords regarding human or parental rights.


If I agree to cooperate with you or allow you entrance to my residence or property, it is done so at my sufferance, subject to revocation at any time, without prejudice to any of my rights or the rights of any resident.


I specifically reserve the right to refuse you entrance or admission, at any time, without a proper search warrant.  I request to be notified in writing if you are here under any presumption or assertion that any rights to which I or any other resident are entitled or  guaranteed have been suspended or that my or any other resident’s right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty have been suspended or revoked by legislation or administrative policy.


Without relinquishing or surrendering any right, I request to be informed in writing of all rights the State agency you represent asserts that I or any other resident still retain and those rights that you assert have been suspended or revoked because of the allegation you are investigating.


Further, please be informed that any expression of consent that I may give will be conditioned on all interviews, questioning, examinations, Inspections or searches you conduct being video taped in its entirety and upon my having sufficient time to have my attorney present.





You are hereby notified that I do not relinquish, surrender or agree to the suspension, revocation, curtailment or attenuation of any natural right, primary right, secondary right, preventive right, remedial right, parental right, human right or any right to which I am entitled or guaranteed under the applicable State and United States constitutions, applicable  United Nations human or parental rights accords, and all other international agreements and accords regarding human or parental rights.


If I agree to cooperate with you or allow you entrance to my residence or property upon the occurrence of any future event that may fall within your legal or administrative jurisdiction, it is done so at my sufferance, subject to revocation at any time, without prejudice to any of my rights or the rights of any resident or occupant.  I specifically reserve the right to refuse you entrance or admission, at any time, without a proper search warrant.


I request to be notified in writing and in advance if you attempt to enter, whether I am present or not present at the time of your attempt to enter, my property, residence, or place of business under any presumption or assertion that any rights to which I or any other resident or occupant are entitled or guaranteed have been suspended, or that my or any other resident’s or occupant’s right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty have been suspended or revoked by legislation or administrative policy. Without relinquishing or surrendering, any right,


I request to be informed in writing and in advance, of all rights the State or federal agency or program you represent asserts that I or any other resident still retain, and those rights that you assert have been suspended or revoked because of the allegation(s) you are investigating.


Further, please be informed that any expression of consent that I may give will be conditioned upon each interview, questioning, examination, inspection or search you conduct, without exception, being video taped in its entirety and upon my having sufficient time to have my attorney present.


(Notarize below.)  ________________________________






































































83 thoughts on “Here is something to help you fight CPS

  1. Since 2013 CPS has been coming to my home it has always been unfounded thus far .I’m not quite sure who keeps calling or why they’re being vindictive and what the ulterior motive is for cps harrasing me. In June of this year.My daughter and I were assaulted. I was beaten, choked/strangled, and drug around the house like a rag doll for hours while trying to get my daughter and I safety. Finally after 10 days I was able to break free safely not knowing his intentions beforehand He would try to catch me running to call the police after my life was threatened and my daughter was threatened to be taken away by him calling CPS with false accusations to cover himself .After we went to the hospital to be tested with the rape kits (3)of course CPS again involved. The investigation was over in August his part was founded mine unfounded ..Of course I pressed charges before hand with a protective order CPS is still coming to my home harassing me threatening me I refused to sign the foster care prevention plan I am the victim not the offender my constitutional rights 4th 6th 14th and many more including the right to life liberty pursuit of happiness and privacy are violated my daughter is in no danger I did not In Harm’s Way she is happy intelligent healthy CPS said that I was at Target because I am seen in poverty by their standards. I’ve asked several times on what grounds do they have with me what allegations in detail and copies of all records reports anything written also for email address of caseworker to communicate in writing she refused it’s still going to my daughter’s school after she agreed not to because it causes her more anxiety and she does not sleep well at night I would also like to press the issue that I can’t afford to hire an attorney and legal aid isn’t allowed to help. Why is the system stacked against me ,in their eyes and standards the CPS worker kimberly H. Said “Im.a target im seen as poor? and she said i might have a ” loser” in my life in the future..That’s classism at it’s finest. How many complaints have to be filed and be found unfounded before it becomes harassment.

  2. This is utter nonsense. Children are not being kidnapped. The parents are ignorant of their rights and are giving them away and giving up their children in the process.

  3. Is there a way to find info on if I was on there PICK UP LIST . I lost my 2 Girls in 2006 9 and 2 They were lied too I signed them away on there threat I had no idea it’s ben years…I Still want to know !

  4. My children are victims of CPS. 20 years ago and I, once I got them back, wanted to pretend it didn’t happen and go on with my life.
    But now they are messing with my grand kids and my son.
    This brings back so many bad memories not only for me but for my kids who by the way were diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

    We need to all get together, every single person who has been abused by this department and we need to do a HUGE class action

    whose with me?

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  12. I feel all the frustration and sadness here. I just lost 3 over a nosebleed. first case. 5 referrals but I didn’t know I could object to them at first hearing. Lawyer had me convinced it was a weak case. now my next court date is in 6months and all they want is for me to admit. BEHAVIORAL problems and emotional stress. they were teachers pets before. How can I legally get them back now or sooner… my house is too quiet… all I do is read and cry, what can I file besides an appeal at this point? I failed to protect my little ones knowing how these people are and I thought, just let this woman do her job, it’s just a nosebleed. Biggest mistake of my life. >(

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  26. They haven’t taken my children thank god. But I hope the state of Michigan gets sued. I’m sorry for all who’s children are away. That’s very scary. This is bullshit. They should tell ya who calls. We should make it a law. IT SHOULD BE TOLD WHO CALLS. HOW CAN THEY GO ON A JOHN DOE CALLER.

  27. We are the Gillespies, My name is Sarah Gillespie and I have 4 Beautful children and a loving husband, and C.P.S is trying to take my childrens rights away. I have been in compliance with C.P.S but C.P.S says I have not, I have been going to all my classes, but they still refuse to give me the credit, I need to start talking to other people that are going through the same situation as I am …Please call 253-382-4208

  28. Finally, someone has started a “Class-Action” lawsuit against CPS. Interested contact Kenneth & Betty Lambrecht (

    And, there is going to be a nationwide protest against government abuse of children August 12, 2011. Here in Thurston County, Washington contact Jan Smit at

    The crimes committed against individual families seem to keep all of us so involved and tormented we fail to see these evil elitist will not stop until ALL American children are under their control. This is an assault intended to demoralize and weaken first the poor and disabled and take their children. But, soon they will determine it to be in t”The Best Interest of the Child” to have the State own all our children raising them to be faithful little robots for the government. Remind anyone of anything–like Nazi Germany?

  29. HELP US, HELP OUR CHILDREN. I have three wonderfull boys that are crying to come home. If these foster homes are so much better than the boys being home with me than WHY? do my boys CRY TO COME HOME. Who is out there to help advocate for the children. HELP ME PLEASE 303-393-7666 ext. 116

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  31. I need an affordable attorney inmediately to help me fight against the lies and hearsay that have completaly separated my family not only have they separated me from my children but have separated my children from eachother all because of my legal status

  32. please people believe me there are ark powers after me someone already changed this post to make it seem that some of the things i said where retarded they have hackers that do that i was suing CPS On the site called care2 , c o m and they changed my words there our world is so messed up by evil people that will stop at nothing until they see there own world cleansed with fire! I hate the internet let them delete my mouth my father has a place for them all already set you that do not like the fact that i said meat is the mark of the beast you will be sent to hell fire!
    Each one of these evil people are going to be met by demons in hell that will be there final resting place!
    “Our porr animals”

  33. So they found that that stupid chargé would not stick they brought this all up from Michael something that happened over 20 years ago’I was confronted after I came back to iowa to turn myself in to do that 1 year i was told i could stay in this nice cozy nice place they converted from the mental institution into a minimum security prison this lady came to me three days in a row a week after I got there she said if I sign this paper saying, ‘I did that pleading guilty to what I was charged with than I could stay in this nice cozy x mental institution yes it’s the one they converted that I closed down! ‘Or they just closed down because they didn’t want sued! I told that lady she was getting on my nerves fill the van up to this harder prison and I will drive us there for you and she was disturbed by this and dropped her papers so i picked them up, I never seen here again! Two days later I was sent to fort madison Iowa where I did the remanning 9 months for that bogus charge, I thought owe well, I will get to see first hand what goes on in these nasty places and so I accepted the challenge of fire, once again in my crazy nation. ‘I went threw there seeing all horrors of the inside I am will give me authority to handle that in time!now i said everything truthfully as if I was on court again you decide if this cps is wrong for saying i need to see a phyc doctor and a sexual abuse evaluation doctor! and all this stuff or they are taking our child! ‘What happened to our world, and 103 year old man asked me that not long ago at our dollar general store, ‘Everything in the store got quiet I told the kind old gentleman it all happened when we placed value over human life! ‘And who gives these people the right to act as if I am some criminal? There are people trying to place fear in our lives all over again! I told him the devil ‘Owns our world! I got out and tried to redo my broken life and found a little woman that was just like me we are witnesses of the creator the lord god almighty and Our world is on notice if we do not get to make things better for a time times a time and a half a time not many adults will be raptured but many children will! I had left my first wife esther just like the prophecy said I feel bad about that but everything is for a reason she would not come see my dying mother My mother called me from here princeton i.l. and said my older sister debbie was trying to kill her ! I gave everything to esther and came out here on and airplane leaving everything behind even her I divorced her and gave her my house! She sighed a prenuptial agreement and to this day we are best friends I never placed any hands on any child and if i ever seen someone doing that they would be risking there life because men of god are not afraid of fires!
    ‘As you can see, I am not dune fighting the devil secretly stealthily until now meat is the mark of the beast I am to let you know that do not eat it this is your few and little warnings if those that here these do not pass it on you will be poisoned by your own food source!

  34. Now it is happening again and the end is close by here is what my wife said about the state of illinois!Hello My name is Mrs. Susan Lynn Sievert I am a concerned mother of Lawrance scott Sievert my son My husband’s name is Richard Scott Sievert We 1 had a horrible experience at St. Margarets hospital in spring valley illinois my I went in because I was pregnant with my son Lawrance, First off we where planning a natural birth, So that I could be more useful and beneficial to our new born child. ‘Everything was going as planned until they started whispering to one another we where there waiting to see if the dilation was sufficient to give birth to our son. We wanted to wait for my water to break naturally that was our original plan. ‘My sister In Law also interfered with our own wishes, saying the doctors knows best repeating it to my husband time and time again any time he spoke we did not go there to have an induced labor. ‘After they returned from saying the dilation was four ten minutes later they had this awfully fat woman check it again, I have her picture she said it was a 8 my husband questioned that and there reply was so fast and fuzzy that we couldnt understand them. Now i am a licensed CNA and i know enough about child birth from the videos i watch and from the things i studied that a four dilation cannot go to an 8 dilation in htat amount of time, and also know a woman’s uterus cannot open that quickly and they proceeded without asking us on the induction! I was traumatized my sister In Law kept saying they know best my husband recorded this ordeal and got a call from a friend and so he being a concerned father that he objected to the way they did this whole planed c section and left. He did not threaten anyone he did not touch anyone or me the wife or our unborn son, ‘Lawrance Scott Sievert. He did not try to stop the doctor or the nurses he did not lay a hand on anyone he just went to our truck and had a cigarette, ‘He started smoking over this traumatic experience but now has quit again.’Richard was not putting my life in danger or my child, he did not try to stop anyone from there procedures. ‘No they did not respect our wishes. This was not my sisters son this is our child and they know they are wrong. And they are the ones that placed my sons life in danger for trying to force me to push my son through a four inch dilation. ‘Now with all the living proof how can anyone say that Richard put my unborn child or my life in any danger? Their is a mark on our sons forehead that is living proof they tried to get me to push my son through a four inch dilation. ‘I am concerned that this hospital is inducing women like myself to get more money from DSHS that is my reason for writing you. ‘Also they filed a report on my husband with CPS just because he said he objected to the procedure. ‘I do not want to sue anyone but if that stops this hospital from doing this to other couples than we will. All I want is this hospital to be investigated for falsely inducing women that originally wanted a natural birth! My experience at the hospital was horrible and i would not ever recommend anybody to go to that hospital for the way they treated me and my husband Richard Scott Sievert and our now living child Lawrance Scott Sievert

  35. I did 7 months for kicking the crap out of that bad person, tom atkins and didn’t even do 1 thing wrong except defend a little person! ‘I sat up there looking at the city of davenport studying the design, and I am kept telling me everything would be alright 7 times the firemen came to that jai! l For a false alarm i sent to them from my own jail cell, ‘The seventh time they caught me and took my matches, I started a little fire to praying to the lord above that my life will some day not be chased around by false fires!

  36. ‘That is who placed these accusations into Michael’s head, I also kicked the crap out of Mr atkins he ran when gary told me that stuff, Later that day when he came over we questioned him, about it all and he took of running I got on my bicycle and tackled him, from the bike and put the fear of my god in him for what he did to, Margie’s son mike! so the court did not want me to do time not real time for something i didn’t do and came up with this deal, ‘I ran from the sentence so i am explaining it here! ‘Remember I am leaving allot of details out it was more unbelievable than even this I was in a house I was buying she lived in one she was buying mine was the
    one next to it that she was buying! I wanted to fix it up and sell it like everyone else was doing, so our first night i bought a hide couch bed a used one and i sleep on the couch I thought was clean ‘I awoke like at 1 and seen i was itching from something in it, so i tried to get her up but she just said lie next to me, mike was lying on the far right so i cuddled next to margie after first taking a bath there was no shower yet in the place. After taking a bath because the couch there was not clean, ‘I put my clothes back on, ‘I didn’t sleep nude, ”I awoke the next morning with my arms out like a cross, lying on my back and one was over margie, and the other was over mike, ‘I opened my eyes and seen his dark eye’s looking at me and he said I gotcha! ‘I don’t know yet what he meant than a cold chill went down my back if you believe in the devil and I do it felt it was the devil talking to me not a boy named michel! ‘I awoke in a panic because the devil uses fear to get us, ‘i went immediately to the other house, where i told gerald her butler well you know a faithful person that helped her clean, she was kind of disabled from a huge tumor in her belly! ‘He said no- one would believe him and he went to get margie up, ‘I didn’t want to go back over there to that house, ‘I was still so upset from this little guy it was not real to me yet what was happening! ‘So I explained to you some of the bad Madam if I was such a person like that would I have saved a woman from being raped by five huge cubans who where probably going to kill a woman after they raped her I stopped them! In Davenport Iowa? No of course not, I also had one of them set in jail for ever thinking about doing that in front of me! ‘No of course not and Iowa also has that on record they gave me a outstanding citizen certificate and than did all this other stuff to me the following month. I am not lying I am a great man of what made us now with all that said madam, ‘Ann you are going to be placed with the same thing dune to me if you cannot convince the media the government and science about what I wrote here today, ‘Soon and I mean really soon this world will be closed down by ‘Angels of I AM” I am not sure how long you have but it’s just the way it is, ‘I am to fix this hellish world and place my values back into the land. It’s this way or nothing I am sorry it picked you ‘Or you should be happy ‘I am so tired of this world and the ignorance in it where laws, are so evil it just makes me sick! They planned it this way and if you do not take me serious and you cannot convince these controllers to allow me the power to fix things than just like the mental institution was closed, Our world will be on short notice!
    Ann more has happened to me than i even wrote I am really and unbelievable miracle my whole life has been trials of fire, ‘I ho

  37. Ann to make a long stoy short i will just tell you it happened and i could not stop it. ‘I told the doctors and nurses the unbelievable story and they did not believe me, so i wen off and smashed there glass room they watched us from with a metal chair beating it all around it until i was so out of breath i collapsed! ‘Back on the third floor now again ‘I was strapped down in a room and I screamed I screamed so loud the guards had to cover there ears my voice went threw 5 inch steel walls and they still hurt there ears,
    They promised me if ‘i stopped they would let me out the following morning and so i did, ‘i got out and it was thundering and lightening and it made me feel safer for some odd reason, ‘I asked the nurses if they could change the tv station because it was just stupid sports and I hated sports, ‘For the most part ‘So she did she kept flipping the station around tell i told her to stop. ‘I seen something interesting so she set her remote down and i moved my chair closer and others there so called retarded people did also for some odd reason! They liked me and two or three pulled up chairs! ‘A man appeared in the midst of our show and said this is a special interruption a national broadcast paid commercial, this man said ‘I have given the media ten thousand dollars cash so I could ask on here is there anyone out there that knows a person named ‘Richard that is in trouble? ‘I am not sure where he is or what this is about but I feel he is in Iowa and he needs my help! ‘I am willing to pay whatever it takes to find this person, ‘I felt something lift me out of my bed and i heard his voice screaming someone help me, ‘Ann thats what i was saying!
    His number the whole time he was speaking scrolled you know like it does at the airport for airplanes, on the bottom of the commercial and he said if anyone has any idea who this person is contact me immediately! I am wealthy and I will pay anything to meet him! Also ‘I want to help him! ‘I tried to write that number on the glass on the third floor because i knew my challenged mind would not remember it. Still I am clouded with mans words and my fathers so i blew like myst ot hot air onto the glass and wrote his there i ripped a screen but i seen others where ripped and that made me feel better I wrote the number but I was not sure if I got it right Because there was commotion around and they were getting ready to do emergency drills for a tornado or something! So i messed it all up! I did have the number and so i thought i called it when they realest me from the awful third floor, and on the third day, i was downstairs and other unbelievable things happened, i will not add those because it’s just my word here to be taken for granted. ‘My mother came on that day though and said, ‘I got to come home, and I was ready to get out of that place because I let down the guard! ‘All of that did happen and they placed me on a check without my consent, ‘I didn’t even want it or have a say and my mother sighed it! I was to receive a large sum of money and she took most of it but that was ok with me, ‘I didn’t even want it! ‘I just wanted to get away from Iowa so I left. ‘This is just one thing manny manny more things like this have happened to me, like this one where police where looking for me and I walked wright by them! ‘They never even seen me, ‘I was invisible to them I thought it was the Creator but i was not sure if it was ‘Angels ann they love me. ‘I will not tell you why they where looking for me because it was stupid, I slapped a girl for yelling at me in front of her children, my girlfriend! Well we where at long beach washington on a kind of vacation, ‘I paid for it I was just doing donuts with her little car, i was kind of having fun her children where having a blast, laughing and she slapped me so i slapped her back! thats all, and I said don’t ever do that again in front of your children! ‘To her “She got angry and left, Left me stranded 100 miles from olympia washington state her name was Laurie so she left me stranded there after i paid for a room in some hotel along the way! ‘I know I was wrong for disrespecting her car, but the kids where having fun, and I was to! ‘Finally from a long time of sorrows, thats all that was to me. ‘I was a little tipsy from drinking some wine, but I just had a couple glasses i grabbed the bottle and she proceeded to call the cops I took a little sip and smashed it on a huge rock and walked away! Not knowing where i was going and soon the cops came storming by me, not stopping than came back buy and stooped around a block in from of me! I started to walk away but decided, ‘I was dune running and seen they where looking at trees, ‘I am not sure what they seen, I just continued to walk as more came and dogs and like ten more! i felt invisible none looked at me not one or even acknowledged i was even there! To this day that is a mystery to me! ‘I was already wanted from Iowa from a little boy named michel that was jealous of me helping his brother Gary with school work and taking and interest in his knowledge! ‘So Margie’s X boyfriend Tom Atkins he had a street name of cowboy he was jealous of me not the father Gary york The father knew michel didn’t like me, or was jealous so told him not to lie to the courts and tell them the truth. Thats what his mother margie told me also was happening ,’I didn’t do anything so i left to Washington thats just a part of the story that’s unbelievable in less you look at it from the mind of a child! ‘The plea deal was that under the circumstances the chargé looks like I am guilty but i am not! ‘Mr atkins got into that child’s mind I think, little mike and he was not changing his story! ‘Now when I look back I see this all happened for a reason!

  38. and he stormed in with a fancy dressed man and said”ENOUGH’ Alvin did and he stooped whatever they where going to do to me then on that cold winter day ‘So I was released it happened so fast i couldn’t believe it, so I was free, so i thought I was anyway they ordered me back into the hospital after walking around outside talking to myself I was actually talking to our creator yelling about this stupid thing happening to me then! i though it was over but i was really talking to god or heaven! So they said we are going to release you completely after they did and evaluation at a mount pleasant iowa a state mental institution! ‘A now place they turned into a said prison in mount pleasant iowa! ‘Ok once I got there I thought Ok this should be interesting the I am secretly was talking to me from my sub cont mind and I didn’t quite still understand it. ‘But I felt liberated and that I had some how been set on some mission here that It would help me understand allot happened ok but something i did made them place me on the third ‘Floor I think! It was because a woman gave me a check for 10 thousand dollars because I kissed her and told her she played the piano beautifully I meant every word, ‘I also played for her the only song I ever learned before my jump into the dark water, silent night! She started crying and hurried and got her check book and wrote that note to me, there and told me not to tell anyone! ‘I never seen so much money in a form of that check a patient there gave to me they said she heard voices, ‘I figured it was my creator speaking to her also! ‘I didn’t want to give it back ‘I snuck it up there with me! They new I had it because, I was so excited I told my room mate and the next day, I was showing everyone, I was so proud of that money!
    i wanted out and the evaluation was not over so I kind of threw a fit! well they placed me on the third floor also for that and keeping that check from the nice rich lady that tried to help me where they could watch me better! I had met and aid there that liked me, because he knew, I was not crazy he always gave me snacks and extra sodas when it was time for our pills, ‘I will not tell you his name you can find out for yourself, He came to me on the last day, I was supposed to be up there on the floor that was monitored and said this to me, ‘Ann in three days at this time I am going to hang myself in my room in the dorm where we sleep if you can convince them, ‘I am going to do this by being there at that hour I will get help! ‘I asked him OMG ‘I said why would you do that? ‘Your so young and healthy your nice and smart, and your the only one here that new I was not nuts! ‘ He said he has been having problems with his marriage and thats all he would say to me he handed me my pills and said just go throw them away, ‘I know your not taking them anyway. I was so upset i felt like my whole body was on fire I knew if i tried to tell them there upstairs i would not get out the following day so, ‘I kept it all inside, ‘I was torn by why this beautiful person would want to die! A

    1. You said in your response that your step father was larry leroy nelson… I am in search of a person missing by that exact name. You can search his information by googling it (the one I am looking for). If you feel that it could be some sort of match, could you email me? Thanks so much.

  39. now i am going back to my future where larry my step father who I loved and named my now son after him, Lawrance scott Sievert ‘My now new son ‘He had a party in davenport Iowa my step father “Larry leroy Nelson he was a Sergeant in the air force, he would have been, ‘Colonel had he stayed in! ‘He told me about a story that he, had a fight with his superiors, about the safety of public aircraft! Back in 1975 and he threw his hat down on the concrete and quit! ‘So I refer to him as ‘Colonel now because he was my protector! ‘He was smart and started his own sign business from nothing! Him and a buddy of his from the service named ‘Cloud ‘It was his birthday, to his birthday I loved Larry and respected him like he was my father! ‘I told my gay brother ‘Alvin charles sievert ‘NO not to bring his gay friend Aaron I ran there from my little apartment, my mother helped me acquire! ‘He didn’t listen and, ‘i accepted it for a while but at the dinner table he kissed him and i flipped out, and tried to kill him! ‘They locked me up in a hospital in Iowa and said all these mean things and tried giving me all these pills, ‘i spit every one out secretly, ‘I will not go much further with this but maybe I should this is the most important e mail ever sent by a person or whatever I am, ‘I was going to be committed when that same gay brother went and found some gay lawyer from chicago illinois and busted into the office into the hospital in a davenport mercy hospital room where they had these lawyers and doctors all in a glass room telling lies about me I just stayed silent and shook my head every time they asked me a question!

  40. I was young and smart and fast, ‘I always asked why, ‘I drove people nuts with that question, and also how come? ‘I jumped up on this tire bouncing myself up higher and higher seeing, i was out like a mile, I thought it was deep water, i seen my brothers and sisters, jane, Diane, and Debbie, and even ‘Mary ann my oldest sister that shortly after that died! Of her choking in her sleep from her pregnancy of and illegitimate child my mother tried to save her but she just didn’t make it in time slime choked her while she was asleep from pregnancy complications, ‘I later found out! ! ‘in it they where on there little bellies they seemed little to me because I didn’t realize this in tell “Jesus The ‘Christ revealed to me, what happened on that terrible hot summer day! ‘So ‘I couldn’t tell they where on land or the sand bar because the reflection from the ocean, appeared to me we where in deep water do you understand? ‘So they where saying jump in ‘I know they where not trying to hurt me or harm me, because they said jump! ‘Not dive this was also clearly pointed out by christ almighty! ‘I kept jumping higher and higher than dove head first into a half a foot of water! ‘Ok now Ann understand then things where a little different than now with medical and all the technically advanced machines we have compared to 1969 or in that day back then! So I went into a comma or something I think ‘i might have even died i have been telling you what happened just like Susan’s unbelievable story and the conversation she had with that little girl name is Carra stanfield she kept in her closet for three weeks! getting her of that poison! Crack cocaine! Medics revived me on the beach or a life guard i am not sure i think it was just a life guard, That is all they had there then and he gave papers to my sister to give to my parents and they where afraid of the trouble they would get into with mom and dad so they threw them away! I had to recover on my own without any help from anyone no doctor or medicine or anything except the creator! While the I am was really my doctor! ‘Ok do you understand that, I was different, ‘I knew I was different, ‘I could not remember my own name, for about a year! ‘I had to go by what people said, I heard them call me Richey so thats what I thought was my name so I just called myself, ‘Rich not richard any more not for a long time after as, ‘I had a very hard time in school and my parents where unusual to me because I was being taught by I AM they got separated from me i think My accident divided them because they could not figure out what happened to me then. So my mother married into the military and my father found a new wife

  41. This is hard to understand I wrote her and most people would just shake there heads in disbelief but Ann, ‘I am here to tell you ‘I am not kidding here this is a story that happened to my own wife, ‘Susan lynn wolf Now she is, ‘A Sievert of course, when she was just 12 she saved a young girl, from the freezing cold and snow saved her life not only from the cold but from and evil addiction she had gotten from crack cocaine, here is her story in her own words Please listen ‘She seen a girl standing near a street pole a young girl all bundled up in cloches, by her home, ‘The street sigh was all that was visible except for this girl, ‘She looked at her mother and father and new they would not help her, ”They would just call the police on her and she did not like them much either like myself because they have been called on her.
    ‘My wife grew up with parent’s just like mine, taught to believe what you here not to think for themselves this letter, ‘i am righting is the most powerful story, ‘I have ever written it show’s the ugly truth from the heart of a 12 year old child or kid. Susan’s words ‘Here is how I got her into my home, ‘I climbed out my bedroom window onto the garage and jumped down into the snow, it was about six inches deep. ‘I was able to get her into the house, very carefully and quietly sneaking up the stairs and up to my room, while my parents where sleeping. ‘The reason I didn’t tell my parents was because they would have put her in jail, or a juvenile detention center by calling the police, ‘I knew that wouldn’t help her, ‘See she had a half ounce of bad drugs, on her person, ‘She was shaking and sweating and very skinny and cold. ‘It would have just killed her even more by calling them. ‘I feel that police are ever controlling people that have no heart, or feelings, for the most part not for any poor soul, like her’ She had bruises on her mouth, and neck, ‘I told her! ‘Look, ‘I would help her, as long as she got of those drugs. ‘Before she could answer I flushed them down the toilet, I felt she was going to object so thats what I did. ‘I was only 12 years old at the time and I would take a lie detector to prove this happened just like I said here! ‘When I did all this in the year 1999 and now, ‘I am 23 years old married and just gave birth to my new born son. Lawrance I am very happy and would help anyone that wanted of that poison called crack cocaine,
    ‘Ann she had conversations with this girl in her closet and I know Angels where in there listening, See they are all around us now and I want her to speak with you herself to tell you the most unbelievable story this world has ever heard, in person ‘I have a more detailed letter somewhere but it’s just the conversation she had with that girl ‘I am righting you Ann because our world is in great danger there are angels in my trailor listinning to my fingers typ this to you now they have been here for a long time prepairing me and susan for a typ of transformation Now listen to something more unbelievable first in my own life, ‘I had a brother that died of aids 23 years ago or so his name was Alvin charles Sievert my only brother I never understood him or anyone much because I had and accident when i was 8 I dove into the ocean and I think I died for a while and the I am sent me back here but first did something to my mind clouded it or made it a zero based mind. ‘On purpose so that I could understand the mind of the almighty creator what made us. ‘This happened in Las angeles california at ‘long beach before that happened, ‘I was mostly a normal kid. Secretly silently the I a m has been teaching me things without my carnal mind to interfere, with it’s deity being placed in me just like Christ’s from him the creator, ‘I put these tractor tube tires i had gotten from a gas station patched them and gave each one to my brothers and sisters they liked body surfing and I also liked it allot! Now I was tired it was around lunch and they pulled me out onto a sand bar and than woke me up!

  42. A letter I wrote to ‘Ann white’ these people are not led with there eyes they look threw there but wholes and speak lies! I still have not received a reply from herAnn listen ok you probably do not understand that letter, ‘I am sorry, ‘I am to tell you something you have never heard before no one has this is so secret that it is not meant to be known a long time ago a king had two dreams but in one dream it was about me, And the worlds future it proves that we are all under a magnificent creator that knows so much that you or I could not comprehend it! Daniel was to interpret his dream and so the wise creator told Daniel a servant like me kind of like it says things to me that you are not to tell the last part of this dream interpretation because the almighty told Daniel it’s like telling on christ! ‘You cannot do that so he sealed it up, and it was taken to a place and left there until now. ‘Here is what the king seen, ‘A man formed from a woman like me that lived for a long time, me this man started to be just as christ was, then and even more, so later, ‘He seen wings come from this man and his eyes glow like fire, that man is me ‘Mrs Ann, ‘I already know so much it’s unbelievable my mind is like Christ’s, not exactly but it’s starting to unveil the secrets of heaven to me. ‘I know you might think owe well ‘I must be crazy or your obviously high or on some drug! ‘No Ann I am not I am drinking a little coffee thats all. ‘I have had the most unusual ‘Amazing unimaginable life just like my wife susan, ‘I believe Ann we are the lamp-stands of The christ! To make things better for a time times a time and a half a time, A riddle left by the people that where afraid to distort it because they did not understand it! ‘The king had two dreams, ‘Ann one where people believed and the other where people did not Daniel sealed that up. He was ordered to by the creator so that I could finish the interpretation in our time! ‘Now here and in this day or morning. ‘Are you following me !

  43. Please everyone join me in the biggest lawsuit this nation has ever known, ‘I have a mountain of evidence that i have for you, against these evil child abductors! ‘That try and say, ‘I am your friend than come take your children! care2 , c o m look under petitions and than sign mine. You can find it by searching for (100 billion dollars) I need 25000 signatures than, I will sue cps for everything they took! ‘From us good parents, sincerely Mrs Susan and Richard Sievert. ‘We both started one I and my husband richard you can see my baby under mine! I am looking for just a thousand signatures it is also a valid petition (Cps is a bad body) ‘Thank you Susan lynn Sievert ‘Nothing will replace your child but knowing they will not ever take another, should help ease your minds! ‘I woke up and wrote this on Richard’s blog thank you for listening I am his wife! Thank You very much please go sign the petition!

  44. my neice falsey accused me of hitting her,which was untrue,i got courts papers three months later of an alleged assault! her mom has had many problems with her behavior from sneaking out,doing drugs etc..and has put her on chins for help,but one day she decided to say i assault her so that can can get more freedom at a foster home! our family love her and think she needs help and dss took her and place her in a foster home.we reported to supervisors of her behavior still till this day of her being on facebook which i do not consent because of the behavior she had pulled before,and now she has a cell phone at 15 yrs old that i dint approve as well without my consent! shes my child not theirs,how can they decide for our children! dont we have a right when it comes to this? by the way i was also cleared in court for the allegations with suffient evidence! the child”s social worker was informed about her being on facebook and her answer to my sister was”why would u wanna snoop on her facebook!” unbeleivable,i cant not understand she said that! thats our child shes talking neice is in danger more now than she ever was,she needs help not another home with no boundaries! everything was here say and now we are hurting with how the system works! please help

  45. also, I had 15 very good references which they acknowledged as so, and doctor’s report on me was very positive as well. If a doctor says I am fine to have my grandson……who are they to decide otherwise!!!

  46. They did FINALLY complete the homestudy, and their decision was that they could not recommend me at this time to have my grandson because they do not feel I had enough counseling for the abuse I went through in my childhood and my 2 marriages. What kind of lame excuse is that!! I am almost 48 years old, I did not suffer a ton of abuse as a child….and……I left my husband in 1992 (because of his abusive ways) and have remained unmarried ever since! You are right….they look for any excuse they can to keep our children in their control!!

  47. I hate to say it, but we are fighting demonic forces here. Knowingly or unknowingly these people are doing the work of Satan in destroying our children and the basis of our civilization–the Family. How better to control the citizenry than to bankrupt us financially, emotionally, and spiritually by stealing our posterity. We need to join forces to bring this corrupt agency to it’s knees and be ever watchful to protect our god-given rights to raise our children without the threat of having them taken from us without just cause!

  48. I would like a templet or an original notice of claim with intent filed on CPS. I live in Michigan. CPS Nyela bolden filed a false claim of abuse, neglect and mental harm. On September 8/8/08 retracted her allegations. In her report she clearly states there were 26 calls to my residence but non substantiated, also reported the father has been substantiated on 2 counts of child abuse. Claims of irrefutable harm and then judge placed my child in the custody of the father who has a documented history of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Does anyone have this document? I am also looking for a federal law suit U.S.C. 42 1983. Please forward to A child cries to come home.

  49. Easily, the article is really the freshest on this precious topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your upcoming updates. Saying thanks will not just be enough, for the phenomenal lucidity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Solid work and much success in your business!

  50. These people are out of control at the CPS! I FINALLY got an answer from them on March 31! They have decided not to allow me to have my grandson because both my marriages turned out to be abusive (20 years ago!) and they do not feel I ever received enough counseling for that! And because I had chosen 2 abusive men, it was a pattern they say. Mind you, I have been single, in absolutely NO relationship of any kind since 1996. I am married to work as I am told, and I like it that way. The last of the abusive men (which I was the abused one) ended in April of 1992! I was the victim! I never abused my children, and I left my husbands trying to keep my children from being subjected to such things!! WTF??!!!!

  51. cps has taken my daughter and two step sons and are trying to adopt them out under minor trivial bull that has ripped the fiber of my family apart don’t let it happen to you

  52. well, it is now feb. 3 and they STILL have not completed the so-called homestudy to place my grandson with me! The worker said she had 2 months to complete it ONCE it was assigned to her, which it finally was in November. They say they are swarmed with tons of them to do and only one person to do them. (not my problem, or my grandson’s, are my feelings on that!) These people need to be monitored and controlled by SOMEONE and forced to do what they are being paid to do IN A TIMELY MANNER. They have children’s lives, family lives, in their control and they just put them on HOLD! This just does not seem right!! They waste no time at all going into people’s lives and ripping children from their home, ripping apart families……then ……..everyone goes on hold WAITING for them to decide what they are going to do next, WAITING for them to have the TIME do their jobs! And this is where they seem to just not care about the children or the families they have ripped apart……..WHAT THE F***?!!!

    1. Linda, I hope you have your grandsons by now. But, please, please do not waste any time seeking third party custody as CPS WILL find something about you that will give them the excuse to rip them away and into foster care for how long no one knows, before they go for termination of parental rights and put your babies up for adoption. Please act fast on this. You can work out the details about visitation and child support AFTER you secure thrid party custody and get them in your home permanently–or at least until they do to you what they did to the children’s parents. Good Luck!

  53. So, if they get federal funding for children in foster care……will my grandson be worth even more to them now that he has been officially diagnosed with Dwarfism? I had told the CPS worker before they moved him to foster home that I felt he had dwarfism and did not understand why no one else could see it. She then noticed it as well after I pointed it out. Once in the foster home they took him to a “specialist” and suddenly “discovered” he had dwarfism! Wow, I’m no specialist. He was already classed as level 2 because of his violent tendancies (at 1 1/2 years old). With everything I am reading about now, do these things get them more money if he remains in foster care?? Is that why I am getting the “runaround” and them dragging their feet?? Hmmmmmm…………..

  54. wow, it is almost 2010 and I am seeing that nothing has changed ! I and my family are currently going through hell with CPS in Kitsap County. I am a grandparent whom they say “unfortunately Washington does not acknowledge grandparent rights” (quote from the cps case worker and her supervisor with regards to seeing my grandson whom they “placed with a foster family supposedly only temporarily until a home study could be completed on me which they said would take 2 months at most….it has already been far beyond that ). Yet they turned to me to assist them in “keeping my grandson in a safe environment”. I have been getting the run-around, lied to, and games played from these people for months now. I have watched the case worker play games and totally tear my family apart deliberately causing riffs between family members. I have learned from others that many grandparents are allowed to see their grandchildren whom are in foster homes with no problem….of course, these people are in counties other than Kitsap, but still in Washington. I have passed the background checks and fingerprinting for them long ago, now I am being put through the ringer for everything else for their supposed “home study” as if I were some stranger and not this child’s grandmother. I am told I cannot see him until the home study is complete, that it had been assigned (I was told that back in late sept. only to then be informed a couple of weeks ago by the person whom does the homestudy that she was totally unaware of my case and that it had NOT yet been assigned but she would check into it. Why the case worker AND her supervisor have chosen to consistantly lie and manipulate is beyond me. I am sooo fed up with our ‘system’ there HAS to be something we can do??? How do we fight these people??? I see from this site that people have been trying for a long time and nothing has changed!??

  55. Children are our future, yet it appears they are being alienated, used, abused, discarded, maimed, exploited and even murdered all in the name of power and money! I will do whatever I can to stop the abuse of innocent children, including my own, who are being emotionally and possibly physically abused, thanks to our wonderful system! Please help me in my fight to reform CPS. They MUST be brought in line with lawful investigation practices, to maintain civil and Constitutional Rights. Stop the war against Americas families NOW! Injustice against one American is injustice against ALL Americans. Please sign my petition on CPS reform. Feel free to share your story…

    PLEASE CALL ME 206-883-7394

  57. what a great idea!!!!!! but how tragic that its come to this. god bless,and remember to pray for them all,they dont even realize what they are doing.

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